From the field to your table

What do we do?

We are a goats farm in Kümmern, on the hills of Mannebach. We put together natural farming and our heritage of Italian cheese-making.

The result is a variety of cheese of which we are very fond and we hope one day you’ll love them too.

Ein Tag am Hof mit @MannebacherZiegen

Ein typische Tag am Hof für die MannebacherZiegen #ziegen #käse

Posted by Mannebacher Käse on Friday, September 14, 2018

The Farm

In our farm we make an effort to respect the rythms of the earth. We have a livestock of 80 goats, 2 billygoats and a dog. The well being of our animals is our number 1 priority.

From a healthy animal comes a first quality product. This is the reason why we make sure that they only eat natural fodder, they rest without being milked for about a month a year, that they spend as much time as possible outdoors and that even inside the stable they have a cosy space.


The Cheese Lab

The art of cheesemaking is an infinite universe and there is always something new to learn. We take a lot of inspiration from the Italian cheesmaking tradition. In crafting our cheese we look for semplicity and authenticity that leave space to the excellence of the raw material we use. Our offer of dairy products varies from the freshest and delicate cream cheeses to older cheeses with sharper flavours.



The role of the community of Mannebach and Kūmmern has been and keeps beeing of fundamental importance for the success of our project. Through the years, there have been many people that helped us and with whom we have developed friendships. This is all that matters to us: when the local community recognises our effort and passion, we are satisfied.

You'll find us in...



Tuesday & Friday - 7am till 2pm


Sabato - 9am till 2pm


Im Reid

Saturday - 10am till 16pm



Brunnenstr. 1

54441, Kümmern, Mannebach

Germany +352 661 335 842