In our farm we make an effort to respect nature's rythms. We have a livestock of 80 goats, 2 billygoats and a dog. The well being of our animals is our number 1 priority. From a healthy animal comes a first quality product. This is the reason why we make sure that they only eat natural fodder, that they spend as much time as possible outdoors and that even inside the stable they have a cosy space.


Our attention to fodder is our first priority. From fodder depends the health of the animals and as a consequence of it the quality of the milk. Our goats eat what they choose from the fields, top quality selected hay and small quantities of organic cereals. In our stable we try as much as possible to mantain a healty balance and diet, looking to imitate what they would normally eat in wilderness.


In winter, hay is the first source of nutrition for goats. The hay we use is a "second cut" made by a local farmer. Characteristic of second cut hay is its freshness, green color and strong herbal parfumes. Goats are extremely greedy for this kind of grass, as supposed to cows and horses that prefer the first cut, dryer and thicker.


In the good season our goats spend most of their days in the open fields. The fresh air, the sun and the fresh grass and herbs they find around have an extreme effect on their health. When goats are regularly in the fields their fur is visibly healthier, they are more relaxed and their milk is of a more delicate and higher quality. The fields where our goats roam around are left in their wild state, fertilized by the manure of the goats.


The cereals our goats eat are produced by a regional Bio Land farm. The mix we chose is made of oats, wheat, rye, corn and peas. Once harvested, the grains are smashed into flakes to make the digestion and assumption of nutritives easier for the animals.


In cold seasons goats need a warm and dry place that protects and keeps them cozy in the wait for spring. Planning the inside of our stable we made sure to guarantee all animals an adequate livable space. The wooden fences delimit a space of adequate size for the number of goats hosted in it. Moreover, we build a various wooden structures allowing the animals to make some phisical excercise and to take repair from their more combative sisters. The abbundant use of straw ensures a comfortable, warm and dry bed.

Human Contact

The contained size of our livestock allows us to have a direct contact with all animals. Every day, twice a day, whilst milking, we have the chance to monitor the health state of each goat, taking care of their diverse needs and promptly intervening when needed.